External speaker audio not working

Hello I'm very new to Linux recently and I want to use my old Asus X453MA laptop, I was be able to install zorin is successfully and everything seems working but after a few hours of using it and dual boot back to windows my audio jack seems to be not outputing any sound, my speaker detected as headphones and when I'm using an actual headphones no sound either, unplugging and using build in speakers do work.. and also reinstalling it seems to fix it (temporary before it's happening again)

Can anyone help me? My build in speakers so bad and my external speaker is my main audio output.

Wait what? Restarting it doesn't work but booting windows again and then back to zorin fixed the issue how that so?


Part of the issue here is that Manufacturers build their machines with Windows in mind. Due to this, Microsoft Windows can access the Motherboard OS - whereas Linux cannot.

Does this mean you must boot Windows first each time? Or was it a one time fix? If it is a one time fix, then I suspect that booting into Windows first was coincidental.

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Different Asus notebook model, but something here might assist?:

switching dual boot with windows by "restart" method makes the audio gone, but switching between zorin and windows with "shutdown" method fixed it, i just finally understand what happend with this laptop

If that is consistent behaviour going from Windows to ZorinOS then I would say we need to look at the difference between Windows "shutdown" and Windows "restart".

It is my understanding that Windows "restart" is a hard shutdown then restart (to next OS), whereas Windows "shutdown" invokes a hybrid (not a hard) startup when manually invoked.

We advise users, before installing ZorinOS, to Turn OFF Windows Fast Start. Surely that defeats the hybrid restart behavior, so a Windows "restart" then do a hard shutdown and startup. I assume you have turned Windows Fast Start OFF?

If so there should be no difference and both should lead to hard (not hybrid) boots. In your case there seems to be something maintaining your Windows working audio functionality despite Fast Start being OFF (hybrid restart OFF), when you do a "shutdown" then "startup" sequence.

As they used to say in the old days, "answers on a postcard". I love sound issues like this. Any magicians welcome to contribute. :thinking:

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