F.lux for linux

Hello all,
Have any of you run F.lux on your system. I think it is better then Nightlight, but i cannot get mine to run on my system. I installed it from the app store and when i click Launch, nothing happens. I have tried changing the permission but nothing. The only thing i can do is download the Windows version and run that, but I would not like to if I have to.

Thanks for the help,


Hi there,

A quick search shows that F.lux is not very well maintained anymore.
This page also mentions that f.lux uses Redshift under the hood which you can also install through the software store, so that may be a better option instead.

Although to answer your question, there's a note on the software store that this program only works on X11.

You can check if you're using it from the Settings -> About, and change it right before you login.

Maybe this helps to at least troubleshoot the issue a bit. It's also worth noting that snap packages tend to be limited on how they work due to it being a containerized format. But I've been recently wrong about this so this is just speculation on my part.


Thanks @zenzen

i guess this is an issue of me not reading the description. Seemed to work after installing redshift, and i was running X11. Thanks for the info!!


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