F2fs file system

I want to use the f2fs file system but when I try to install zorin . I do not see it in the settings in the installer how do I get it to work ?

It seems not that widely used file format.

The closest thing I could find was how to do it in Debian 10 (from 2020).

It is worth checking since Zorin is based on Ubuntu which is in turn based on Debian.

Other page I fond in relation to Ubuntu was from 2013 - I do not think it is relevant any more.

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F2fs is still pretty young in development. Most distros do not support it yet and usually requires modifying the kernel or finding a custom kernel in order to use it. Stick with ext4 and disable Journaling or try btrfs. Not to many other fs formats (outside ext family, zfs and btrfs) are supported by zorin/ubuntu the last i read. Otherwise I'd be running f2fs as well.

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