Failed backup using Zorin backup utility

I tried to backup my home directory with Zorin's backup util onto a Samsung T7 ssd. All apparently was going smoothly with files scrolling by for several hours when suddenly I was greeted with Backup failed: Backup location ‘/tmp/duplicity-2wIQEw-tempdir/mktemp-jx1Jod-8407’ does not exist. In setting up 'backup', the T7 drive was available and I selected it as the destination.

Using 'Files' I found the T7 drive contained 8,404 files named “duplicity-full.2.20230802T155626Z.vol[n].difftar.gz” where 'n' was equal to 1-8404). Each file size was 54 mb.

Archive manager was unable to open the files returning an 'unsupported archive type' error.

My laptop is ASUS X540LA, 64-bit.
Samsung T7 is 2TB, formatted and empty.
Current OS is Zorin 12.4 zenial.
Core is Linux zorin1 4.4.0-210-generic

The /tmp directory portion of the error can be ignored. That is not referencing the destination. It is referencing the temporary file transfer site. The way Duplicity works; it copies the files with a /tmp location, then cleans that /tmp location once the copying is all complete.

There are quite a few things that can cause this.

  • A permissions issue on the storage location. Please ensure that your selected location has proper permissions.
  • A drive failure on the selected destination. I hope not... But you can run a S.M.A.R.T. test on it to be sure.
  • Faulty connection to the selected location drive.
  • Lack of proper space in selected location. How full is that drive?
  • Bad Sectors/ blocks or Corruption of transferring file during the Copying process. Purge all old, /tmp and such files and ensure clean space on drive. Attempt to run backups.

That was the Zorin OS edition I switched from Windows to Linux on. :wink:

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