Failed OS Software Updater event

I am starting to think that just maybe, maybe...the gods of Linux are out to punish me for leaving Linux so many years ago. :grin: I just ran the Software Updater and got the below. As you can see, some of the notes come up with the HTML. More importantly though is the update attempt failed. Attached are two images. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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Thanks for reporting this issue.

We have just now published a new update to our repositories to fix this issue. You should now be able to install the latest updates from the Software Updater normally again.


You may want to try updating by the terminal instead of by the software store or other gui interface.

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If you use sudo apt update .... doesn't it update all your installed apts at the same time ..... it's what I use but then I maybe doing it wrong ....

I am a coward so I used the Software Updater. Besides, I need to let @Aravisian have a night off from bailing me out of trouble. :slight_smile:


Be brave, I like challenges.
It is 100% safe to run sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade and sudo apt dist-upgrade
The command sudo apt clean is safe.
I recommend caution with sudo apt autoremove. It is generally safe... but Read The Output before confirming it.
I recommend caution with sudo apt full-upgrade as that command will delete files in order to replace them with the newer version. It also is usually safe - but if you have any doubt, stick with dist-upgrade instead.

Either way... the point is that the GUI Software Updater runs those same exact commands. It just does it behind your back.
And the terminal is verbose and will tell you if something went wrong, the GUI does not always do so...

I received exactly the same message yesterday.
Then I tried
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
on the terminal
and it worked fine.
No problem with unmet dependencies.

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