Failed to download repository information zorin os 16

I'm trying to update again and again but it says Failed to download repository information

Can you copy / paste the terminal output or post a screenshot?

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I'm not trying to update using terminal. It's software updater

I understand. But checking with the terminal is a very reliable way of checking all of the sources.
If it is fine in terminal, but not in software updater- then we know it is in software updater.
If it is not fine in both, then we know it is in sources.

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so what I have to do update using terminal ?

sudo apt update


thanks it's my sleep time so I'll do tommorow the update. I'll let you know if everything get successful with no error.


I did that command in terminal

van you please run:

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates


I did this and tried sudo apt update again and this is the output

Are you on Main Server?
Software & Updates > Download From > Main server