Failed to execute default Web Browser (Error)

I still have this error while installing XAMPP and Bitnami WordPress, but I already ditched the Bitnami WordPress and will stay on XAMPP to use WordPress because they said the two of them have a conflict.


Although I sometimes receive this error when opening or installing other packages or applications. And searching for this problem, the only way is to reinstall firefox. But I'm using Vivaldi and making it a default browser, but I noticed in the default application that there are two Vivaldi applications when selecting a browser. Is this the cause of the problem?

I also switch to firefox as my default browser, but still, the errors persist.

Canyou launch the Settings app (xfce4-settings-manager) and then move to the Preferred applications tab. For Web browser, select "other" then enter in: /usr/opt/vivaldi

I added /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi "%s" in the defualt application > Web browser

Before, I reinstalled Xampp. I have this error when launching its GUI in the terminal it said

[58716:58716:0606/] Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See

So I added /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi "%s" --no-sandbox. But still, the default browser cannot be opened.

Now, I tried to reinstall Xampp but it also failed to open the default browser.


The common element here is Xampp...
Making Vivaldi the Default Browser should be very simple and easily done.

Yes, I think the problem right here is the Xampp. And I suspect this caused unusual behavior when I cleared the application caches using Stacer. What do you think? I read the article here

I do not use Stacer but not due to how it performs. I am not sure if it can be at fault or not...
I prefer Ubuntu Cleaner or BleachBit. They are safe and easy to sue - Especially Ubuntu Cleaner. UC is very basic and straight-forward, while still being powerful enough to be useful.

Do you have Two Vivaldi apps showing in the menu due to two different installation methods?

Yes, I have two Vivaldi, and one Firefox installed. Perhaps, I will try to reinstalled both of these browser right now.

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