"Failed to load firmware", What does this mean?

When an error message says failed to load firmware, does it mean:

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    a/ system searched for but can't find, not installed / present

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    b/ firmware IS present but for some reason system can't access it / not where it is expected / should be?


You could try solving this by going into a live CD and starting Boot Repair.

Hello, thx for dropping in.
Boot Repair?
Could you elaborate a little please?
I'm not so technically skilled when it comes to IT.
What would I be looking for that helps answer my question?

Basically, boot repair (as the name implies) repairs any boot problems you have as mentioned here:



Can you be more specific about the "failed to load firmware" error.
Can you provide a screenshot or actual details of the error and also what you were doing when the error occurred.

Thanks for your feedback Zaba, but maybe I will can this.
I did think it was a simple question of interpretation.
But seems more is being read into it than I expected.
Thx again.

Yes a hard question to answer without knowing the corresponding item the message relates to.

This message can occurred while downloading, preparing or installing, or that the installer is damaged or could not be verified.
You should see in the output of your upgrade, indicating what the issue is related to,

If you have this issue please show us the output here.
Is this just a general question?
hope this helps

Thx @Ocka - yeah just a general question.
There isn't any more, that is the error message followed of course by the firmware ID.
Never mind. I will find another way.

Your welcome,
Without the error message ( about firmware) , The question is then, What is the firmware for that you are having the issue with for?

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