Failed to Start Application launched by Gnome session binary

I am having some trouble with gnome and other issues and I am very new to linux. If anyone can guide me in the right directions that would be awesome. Just reinstalled zorin for the third time, I am getting good at that. haha

It seems a common problem across distros. I haven't found a fix for it.

It may be trickered by a (specific) hardware combination I think.

Have you tried XFCE (lite) and see if it's something for you?

Would you check the hash on your iso and ensure it matches what is on the download page (link below download options). If you boot in, looks like you get to the desktop, check settings -> startup apps, and remove any you don't use and don't recognize. While in settings, change the session from continue session to new session. Then reboot, login and change the session setting back.

If you can't access the desktop, choose the advanced option at grub, then the latest kernel, recovery mode and make these changes.

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