Failed To Start GNOME Display Manager Error and VMX error


I've been running Zorin Core on a 2017 HP Stream PC for a few years, no issues at all. Today, I was formatting a 132gb flash drive to NFTS and something must have gone wrong because when I came back the screen was black and had a "no hard drive found" message.

I downloaded the newest version of Zorin Core this afternoon and went through the steps to install the new OS. I choose to go with NVIDIA drivers, through those choices and eventually get to the desktop splash screen and the English language preferences.

It is right there that I get an error windows that says, "ubi-console setup failed with exit code 1 /var/log/syslog." I did "try again" multiple times and it always gets to the "choose a wifi connection to get updates" then fails.

First time, on the black screen was error of "x86/cpu/:VMX (outside txt) so I went to the BIOS and enabled Virtualization.

Still fails at same spot. Now I get error of "Failed to Start GNOME Display Manager."

I am thinking something happened with that attempt at formatting a flash drive earlier today.

In any event, I am stuck. I am not very adept at Linux so any help would be much appreciated to get this laptop operational again.

Thank you.

Have you run S.M.A.R.T. test on your drive?

I just ran the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic from the BIOS. It passed the Storage Extensive Test.

I also tried a different USB drive but the same result just again--"Failed to start GNOME display manager" again.

What is likely part of the problem (and caused the need to reinstall the OS) is that I had a flash drive that didn't seem to be working properly.

I put it in the USB on the Zorin machine, opened a CMD window, and entered a lsblk -f command.

Then I entered: ```
sudo mkfs -t ntfs /dev/ and rather than sdb01 there was another space that I believed to be correct and I used that. It's likely how things are the way they currently are.

Okay... got it installed. Choosing not to go with the NVIDIA drivers made the difference.

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