Failed to start session

The accursed apt autoremove broke the bones of session, i'm can't reinstall system (don't have bootable usb in 200 km radius). I can't login, i login and failed to start the session. HELP.

How did you install Zorin (cd, usb, created a partition for the bootable live image)? This will enable us to better assist you in our recommendations on how to install the live image to a bootable media in order to repair your system.

Have you changed OS's often? Is the partition Zorin currently reside where data used to be? This could be an indication of hard drive failure (more info is needed to make a determination).

Are you dual booting?


@Igorkot_YT , First, I will start with an apology. Due to the forum guidelines and decorum, I needed to edit the content of your post.
Believe me, there is not a person that cannot relate to how you feel much less vicariously understand every bit of your frustration.

There have been those who have questioned the caution I advise when using autoremove and this - right here- is why. Always always double check the terminal output of autoremove before clicking the y key.

Things to try to solve your issue:
Your profile indicates that you are using Zorin OS Lite, so...
If using EFI Boot: Boot up and immediately begin tapping the esc key to enter the grub menu if the grub menu does not appear due to dual boot.
If esc does not work, try tab.
If using Legacy (MBR) boot: Hold the Left Shift Key down at boot to pull up the grub menu.

From the grub menu, select Advanced Options for Zorin then select Recovery...
In the Recovery Menu, arrow key down to enable networking.
Once enabled, back up to the Recovery menu and arrow key down to the bottom to drop to Prompt.
In the prompt run:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

This should reinstall LightDM (Display Manager) and allow login.

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This is more like emotional troubleshooting, We all make mistakes and brake our system's. Maybe you can tell us in brief what happened and how the system is currently responding, for ex:-boot loops are very common. Also, try to create a bootable drive because it will be necessary and please also provide a basic description of your PC specs.


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