Failed to start Show Plymouth Boot Screen

I am using legacy mode

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Aside from what we have already checked, I am at a loss. We keep returning to Disk Error, but that may also be a Red Herring. Perhaps others may join in with more helpful posts than I have.

I'm going to see if getting another USB fixes it, I just realized that it is rusty, and I have more than 6 years writing and resetting in it

If it's not that, I'd better go back to Windows because I tried a new HDD I recently bought and it doesn't work either and I haven't used the laptop for weeks :joy:

Wow, that is an Old USB. Yes, they can only handle a limited amount of re-writes.

SOLVES IT :smiley:

Buy a new USB and on a live USB run these two commands

sudo badblocks -s -v -n -f / dev / sdb

sudo fsck -cfvr / dev / sda

and ready the system started without any problem

so if it was a problem with my disk

sorry for doubting you Aravisian :rofl:

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