Failure Mounting Live USB Stick on Host Running Zorin OS 17.1

What am I doing wrong? I currently have 3 USB storage devices attached to my system. The hard disks mount automatically, as expected. The third is a Rescuezilla USB stick. It boots ok, but it does not mount from within Zorin OS. I tried mounting it from the command line, but it isn't recognized in the terminal. It does appear in the Disks tool as /dev/sdb. I looked in /media where I found folders for the other USB devices, but not for the Lexar USB stick. Others of my USB sticks do mount automatically. I want to search it for a clonezilla log, because I am having a problem backing up an Ext2 partition with Rescuezilla.

Rescuezilla is not normally launched within a running OS. The whole purpose of it is to boot independently of the OS in order to either:
a) create a backup image or
b) restore an image

I understand. I wasn't trying to launch it. I wanted to search its folders for a hypothetical log file. I need more info on why Rescuezilla will not backup my Ext2 partition. I also thought that the fact that it would not mount as a normal USB storage device might shed some light on what was happening. Can you think of any reason why it would not mount as a storage device?

It's just a guess but a drive formatted with a live image might be detected by the system and simply ignores it. But you should be able to mount any partition from within Disks, by clicking on the button that looks like the media play icon, next to the wheels:


But assuming that the log actually persists between reboots, you could also boot into Rescuezilla and look for said log from there.

When I tried to mount the stick using Disks, I discovered that it was already mounted ... just not showing up in the Nautilus file manager.

So, with the possibility that the log file might not be persistent in mind, I booted from the stick, generated the error again and then searched the stick while still running from the stick. I did not find a log. I thought that if Rescuezilla was not generating a log, then maybe clonezilla was or partclone ... but no. Oddly, it does not show up in terminal, either. ls -la only shows . and .. I did make the assumption that any log file would end with '.log' although I also listed the contents of any folder that looked like it might hold a log.

I also posted on the Rescuezilla website. I got one response followed by radio silence.

I'm realizing that I am actually responding to a different thread. This one was only about mounting the Rescuezilla stick so that I could search it. I'm going to mark your response as the solution, because it took me back to Disks where I discovered that the stick was actually mounted, just invisible.

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