Fan is Always running on a New Install

I just installed zorin os and the Fan Is always running almost at full speed and I have opened up the task manager and It say cpu and gpu are running low. can some one help me fix this problem.

Did it do this before you installed Zorin?

The fan you speak of is most likely on the graphics card. If you have an nvidia, open software updater, choose settings when it is done, other drivers tab and check that a proprietary driver is chosen. Possibly choose another driver maybe the 510 or 515 (this will require a reboot).

Without knowing your hardware specs, it is difficult to formulate possible remedies.

not on Windows

I have an AMD integrated graphics

Would you be so kind as to share the make and model of your computer. Maybe the output of lshw so we have some information to work with, other than "fans always running". Otherwise, we have nothing to work with.

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Unsure if this has already been attempted, but I would suggest booting into your computer's BIOS settings (i.e. pressing F10 repeatedly during boot). Look for an option like "fans always on."

Some OEMs (like mine) have a setting which allows users to choose for their fans to always be on - although that setting usually just means that they only spin at very low rpm when not used for cooling purposes.

This may be only for HP Omen owners, but there is also a Windows-only application (unfortunately...) that allows you to change your fan speeds; setting them to 'auto', 'manual', and 'max'.
I mention this only because when I boot into my Windows OS and open the HP Command Center utilityto set the fan option to 'max'; the fans always run at max rpm until stopped by a shutdown or going back into that utility previously mentioned - but only in Windows.
That max rpm speed of the fans also persists when booting into Zorin/Ubuntu, etc.
Sometimes I forget that I set the fans to 'max' while in Windows before restarting into Zorin to do GPU-intensive tasks while using linux. For some reason (and I've looked), Tux has hardly any hardware support for these newer HP machines. Fans/Thermal are at the top of that list. Basically, Ubuntu doesn't detect my PC's thermals correctly - and leaving that Omen Command Center setting in Auto or setting up a manual fan curve based on GPU/CPU thermals, does not keep my machine cool at all. Maybe one day...

Key takeaway here is maybe you can check your computer hardware's settings like those in BIOS or sometimes those which persist through booting into different OS's on a dual-boot system. You might also carefully consider checking your sensors output with watch sensors and/or utilizing the sensors lm-sensors pwmconfig and fancontrol commands and scripts.

I hope this information helps you!

hp 15db0015dx

It already off

I am assuming you mean that the BIOS setting fan always on is already off?

If so, can you try to control your computer's fan speeds while booted into a Windows installation? I ask because of your mention of having an HP >

I did a quick search and I didn't find anything that specifically states users cannot install the HP Gaming Hub onto your HP 15db0015dx. I would try it myself, but I don't have your PC.

I do see your question on AskUbuntu; hopefully someone with that model, or experience with HP fan control, will be able to answer your question soon - that would be the best place to ask.

One last thing I can suggest is to verify you have all your latest HP drivers installed. Depending on your operating system version, there might be some firmware or a new BIOS update to flash to your PC - which might give you more control of your fans.

This link will take you to the HP drivers page for your machine - again, here I am only assuming what you have based on your responses in this thread (i.e. AMD and the 15db0015dx model number)
If you need to change the operating system you are using, that is easy enough to do on the same page. A quick look into the BIOS driver for that model number shows that the latest update for your PC was released in August of 2022. I'm not saying this will fix your problem, but many issues can be mitigated with current driver sets.

I do recommend extreme caution when doing this, as these types of updates might break the dual booting machine, forcing a user to re-install or update your GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) from recovery or a live-usb.
So... before you update any graphics drivers or flash-update your BIOS, either back up your data you don't want to lose or just reinstall Windows cleanly - you mentioned it was a new install anyway.

The reason I suggest updating all your drivers while running Windows: it goes back to what I was saying about hardware and driver support for PC's running Linux. It's not quite there yet. If your machine came with Windows but does not have Windows installed anymore; there is a very good possibility that your drivers may be out of date if you have been running (or attempting to run) Zorin/Ubuntu on it for a while.

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