Fan spinning as soon as I boot

Hello guys, I'm on Zorin 16 core. Nice job guys, very lovely OS.

So I dual booted Zorin with Win10, thinking of moving over slowly, but as soon as I boot into Zorin, the fan starts spinning, draining my problem quickly.

Any help?

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The fan spinning is a normal behaviour, but if it is faster when booting on Zorin, this is different.

If in windows 10 you was able to manage the fan speed through any kind of software, then, in linux with some tweaking you can do the same, in askubuntu there is a more explained way to do this.

In the other side if you was't able to change the fan speed from software, is probably an issue that you can fix with the bios, in my case there is a configuration on the bios to change the fan speed depending on the CPU temperature, so be sure to know how you managed your fan speed with windows and then, try any of the solutions.

You're saying on light use, the fan must spin? It's draining my battery real fast.

I mean, the fan should work almost all the time, is the way that the computer cools the cpu and other parts, but if it is faster all the time than windows, it is a problem

On windows, the fan doesn't spin at all, until I run heavy programs. And I don't use fan speed softwares.

Then check if there is any configuration of the fan on your bios.
Also check if you are using core or lite edition of Zorin, the core version could be to heavy for your computer specs so this is causing your problem.

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Also, install sensors

sudo apt install --reinstall lm-sensors

Configure the sensors:

sudo sensors-detect

Just say yes to all. Reboot when done.

Will this solve the issue, or just get sensor data?

I'm on core. My pc is 16G ram ssd. Amd cpu 2.6ghz

The fan shouldn't be an issue then.

The package that aravisian suggested only will search and show your sensors. Please take some time to read the guide that I linked on my first comment as it says some things about sensor-detect

I am hoping it will solve it, allowing the system to properly read your CPU temps, etc.
Your battery also probably needs to be calibrated (It can happen if you install a new Operating System).
This is done by using the machine until battery dies. Then charge it up fully, unused. Then use it unplugged til it dies. Then fully charge unused again. Usually this is enough to calibrate it and works for most people. Some need to do Three Rounds of that, which I recommend just to be safe.

Does this computer have graphics card and if so what kind ? I ask because Nvidia Fermi card fans will often scream without a proprietary driver installed . I happen to own one of these gems. List of Fermi series GeForce GPUs | NVIDIA

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My graphics card is Amd radeon.

Run the following command in the terminal and post output. This will show if there is an out of control process causing the cpu to go to 100 %.


The CPU is at its lowest, I checked using Stacey. Had 12% cpu usage. Still dunno why my fan blows and battery swept out

Post the output of the following. This will show the model of your graphics card. Still wondering if it's the CPU or graphics card fan if applicable


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