Faster boot, see the boot process

The Zorin boot animation is nice, but I prefer to see the actual boot process... that way, if it stalls, I can see where it stalled.

sudo gedit
Navigate to /etc/default/
open the grub file.

Comment out this line:

Add this line right below it:

Plymouth is a parallel process which waits on a bunch of other processes to start before it terminates the boot animation. Removing it speeds up the boot. Of course, Plymouth doesn't just show the splash screen... its main purpose is to coordinate all the messages during boot... so we can't disable it completely, but we can disable the boot splash screen, removing one of its processes from the boot equation.

Save the file and exit gedit, then issue the command:
sudo update-grub

When you reboot, you'll no longer see the splash screen, you'll see the text denoting the boot process.

You can check to see what's taking the most time during boot by:
sudo systemd-analyze blame


I think I just over extended my ability ..... I tried what you suggested but got all kinds of flags .... I only did this .... but as I didn't have the ....

Comment out this line:

I just typed in the ....


After the 1 .... see photos below .... clicked save and all kinds of warnings popped up .... so I removed what I had typed and left the terminal open to received further instructions .... I DIDN'T update-grub ...... am I safe or in a world of p00p .... I'm standing by ..... :face_holding_back_tears:

When I saved the file it saved it as Unknown but I don't know where it saved it to .... so I didn't delete that .... where is it so I can delete it ???? ....

Yeah, Terminal does that any time you start another application from it as sudo. Not sure why, but so far I've not noticed any deleterious results.

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Start Nautilus (aka Files) and search at / for "Unknown".

Follow the steps exactly. Start gedit as sudo then inside gedit click open, then navigate to the grub file and select it to open it. Then edit it in gedit, then save it, then exit gedit. When you exit gedit, you'll notice Terminal has spit out all sort of 'errors', but they're apparently spurious, due to starting any application as sudo from Terminal.

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Thanks for that info but I think for the present I am just going to check in Nemo to see if I can find Unknown in my folders .... looks like I'm safe this time as the only folder in Nemo marked Unknown is this one .... which shows the info wasn't recorded ....

As my heart has stop beating 200 bpm I'll wait a bit before trying your excellent help on Faster boot times ....

Pro-tip: buy a huge USB drive, and clone (not backup... either a bit-by-bit clone (ala CloneZilla) or create a .IMG or .ISO file) your main drive before you make any changes. If you mess something up, you just clone from the huge USB drive back to your main drive, and you're back up and running with the exact same setup you had before you started.

You can do that in the Disks application... boot your Zorin OS USB stick, start the Disks application, select the drive you want to clone, ensure all the partitions on that drive are unmounted, click the '3 vertical dots' button, select 'Create Disk Image', select the destination drive, set it whirring. It'll save as a .IMG file. After it's done, reboot, remove your Zorin OS USB stick and boot from the main drive.

If you mess something up, boot from your Zorin OS USB stick, start the Disks application, select the drive you want to restore to, click the '3 vertical dots' button, select 'Restore Disk Image', select the .IMG file you'd previously made, set it whirring. After it's done, reboot, remove your Zorin OS USB stick and boot from the main drive.

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Yes thank you .... I have a 1 TB external USB HD that I use to make backups from Rescuezilla at least weekly .... so I do have something to fall back on .... probably should be a couple of times a week but at least I don't have to start all over from scratch ..... :grinning: ....

Thank you sir for all your help .... I enjoy your posts and follow all your advise and also your trials and tribulations .... :+1: :beer:

Actually, I've not tried that with my set-up as-is... I did it back when I had a single drive, but now I've got L2ARC cache drives on the ZFS bpool and rpool, and a mirror drive on the rpool... I should try it to see how it goes.

If you do decide to reinstall, go with ZFS as your file system. This thing is ungodly fast if you've got L2ARC cache drives and a mirror drive... click the icon to start the browser and faster than you can blink, it's started up.

Ok, I'm going off-line for a bit to do that drive image.

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Nothing you did made any changes.

An easier method would be:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Then make your edits...
That being said, I wouldn't worry too much about this one.
You alternatively could just take the existing line:
And remove the quiet parameter and the splash parameter:
Then save it that way.

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Problem is I never saw that line when I typed and executed ... sudo gedit ....

So I typed in


and when I hit the save button I got scared of the terminal response so I deleted what I typed and closed .... and that's as far as I got ....

Yes, nothing changed. You did not save the file. It is gone.

The line is present in the etc/default/grub file. But you opened a blank file with just sudo gedit.

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Oh well .... I really don't need to start up any faster but I just wanted to see what it would do .... you know .... awfully hard to keep ones fingers out of the cookie jar ....

I cannot see how it would noticeably speed up boot. Plymouth occupies during boot, but does not affect boot time. Skipping it or viewing the verbose messages would not change boot time.


So I guess really it would just allow you to see the boot process and if there was a problem you could see what it was ....

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I have had occasion to have my Zorin splash screen get hung up and after waiting for 15 mins I just use my power button to shut down and restart .... it has never failed the second time but moved on correctly ....

Thanks .... time for a bite of lunch see you folks in a bit .... :beer:

Trying to boot up too quickly may cause you to fall over. :face_with_head_bandage:

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At my age ANYTHING can make me fall over .....


Just to be sure that the backup/restore process worked, I restored from the .img file I'd created yesterday. It works.