Faster PC with Zorin

Two days ago I decided back on Zorin to XFCE desktop and deleted snapd and flatpak.
The observation what i taken my pc is very faster.
So the lightweight DE is more better.


SnapD is actually the primary culprit on this one. Removing it also removed a lot of that resource and time hogging.

Then I don't understable if some DE are better then why they focus on some DE what are harmfull for laptops or pc and they slower?

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It's a toss up.... some have the hardware and want the best graphics. Others want performance, not minding the slightly less pretty graphics.

It depends on both what people want and what the machine is capable of.

In Linux world people and here sayed modern doesn't mean a better.
The same I can sayed with components to hardware. Modern isn't mean that is better. Next everything now is expensive.

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