Favorites on menu vs. taskbar?

The more I work with Zorin, the more I like it. I am looking forward to the updated version.

Perhaps this is already available and I just don't know how. When I make an application a favorite via the menu, it is placed on the taskbar. That works, but I would prefer it instead be as an item on the menu instead. I am old school. I would rather perform the task using the keyboard instead of using the mouse.

Thanks, Ed

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You can try this: Why doesn't the program appear in Z menu pop up? - #2 by carmar

I have both Menulibre and Alacarte installed and can edit menus with either application. What I would like to do is have my favorite items displayed as an individual item in addition to their category.

In the Windows world this was referred to as pinning the application to the Start menu. I think this feature is how the KDE plasma menu works, but I am at a loss to get this to work with Gnome menu.

If I understand correctly; you wish to pin items in the App Menu instead of on the panel?
In Cinnamon Desktop, I have this feature on the Main Menu, or on Cinamenu or on Stark Menu.
I am not sure about how to set that up in Arc Menu or Zorin Menu- but will look into it.