Feature Request / Question - Zorin Mesh

Like many I am waiting patiently for the launch of Zorin Mesh. GRID

In the meantime I have seen what is possible with the Google Enterprise ecosystem re: deploying Chromebooks, with lots of customisations.

I am wondering if this type/style/method of deployment will be available within Zorin Mesh. I envision either booting a machine from USB or NIC and adding it into the organisations instance. From there we could apply a "template" of OS, GUI, connectivity, Applications etc.

Looking forward to seeing Zorin OS Mesh GRID when it is ready.


I think you meant Zorin Grid? And as for Chromebooks, e-Waste at point of creation! Another attack on computer freedom. You need to think carefully before supporting anything Google. That's why I got an un-Googled smart phone. I've even removed micro-G from it!


Yes - my bad! Absoluted meant Zoring Grid. Where I got "mesh" from I don't know.

I totally agree re: Google. There is much I do not approve of / like.

What I want to do is achieve the positive outcomes without the Google ecosystem. That is where my comparison with Chromebooks came in.

I've recently downloaded an ISO of the Ubuntu Web distribution but have yet to try it out. I don't think it will have any of the central management/config options that I am looking for though.

If Zorin Grid accomplishes even a percentage of what it aims for I would be very pleased. In particular, the ability to have an on premise equivalent of a Domain Controller to manage workstations, and the ability to deploy lightweight distros (Zorin OS/Lite)? on older hardware with ease. (Again - comparing with Google Flex here). Perhaps even a Zorin Cloud hosted management service / solution?

I don't mean to add to the what must be an extensive wish list, but I am excited to think of the potential. I would like an eta on when Zorin Grid is likely to become available, but I also understand the "it will be ready when it is ready" approach!

All praise the Zorin brothers!


I also want to see it arrive. It's been a long time since it was announced.

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