Feature Request: Right-Click uninstall like Linux Mint

Image from LinuxWays

At least Zorin OS performs better than Windows, which is a good one in my opinion. It's like Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition meets Gnome and turns it into one desktop environment. Not perfect but more secure than Windows, even though anti-cheat is the issue on Linux and that's why I kept Windows as a secondary OS. As of right now, a Linux-Windows user.


Yes, this Feature on Linux Mint is a practical little Thing. I would support the Request for this Function. but the Question is, if it is makeable with Gnome.

Make sure to up-channel that request to the GNOME developers. Zorin uses a base GNOME desktop environment and then tweaks it mostly with off-the-shelf extensions or a few of their own custom extensions. I like that feature a lot on my LMDE 6 installation.

Update: I send it to GNOME Forum just in case.


As it is here, in the Zorin Forum, you can rest assured that the devs will see it and explore the possibility.

They have already integrated many requests that modify the gnome DE in order for it to be functional and efficient. You may very well see this in 17.3, if they can make it work. I'd like to say sooner, but it could be the next iteration before we see such a function, unfortunately.

Either way, know they will look into it.


My guess? Could happen in Zorin OS 17.2 (late 2024) or 17.3 (early 2025).

Or you could try Plasma (kde) Desktop Environment:

Just to point out I have tweaked neonuser in terms of the z logo I created and this is Plasma 6 on X11 - can't remember if 5.27 of Plasma on Zorin had this item.

There is the extension called "Appfolders Management" but only supported GNOME Shell 3.28 to 3.32 because it said, "After 3.33, GNOME Shell handles this feature natively." which I coudn't find on extension manager for some reason.