Feature Request

Hi there, I am super happy with Zorin OS 17 Pro. You almost ticked every box of what I could dream of. Now there is just one thing left. It would be fantastic if it would be possible to add dynamic wallpapers / desktop backgrounds via the setup menu. At the moment I can only add pictures.

Thanks for your good work! I love Zorin OS!!!


Do you mean animated wallpapers or ones that change with the time of day/both? I am not aware of any GNU/Linux distro that does this. There is a useful tutorial on here on how to set this up. They do, like smartphone walls, eat energy/power.

Yes, I mean the animated ones. There was one included in Zorin OS 16. And yes, there was a possibility to add further manually, but not what you would call comfortably.

Specifically I would like Zorin to add dynamic wallpapers in the /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/zorin-os-17-wallpapers.xml so that they appear as an option in the wallpaper selection menu.

it would be nice if conky comes preinsatlled like in MX Linux , super easy to config. and lots preloaded.
iv'e used conky before (not on MX) and got it down then (after lots of research) , but now i'm trying again and battling lol.
anyway ,just my thoughts , i know the devs wanna keep it lightweight and free from preinstalled bloat ect.
i just miss conky preinstalled :smiley: