Feature suggestion ( touchpad gestures )

I started using Zorin a few months ago and I find it much better than elementaryOs that I used before. I have one suggestion and that is touchpad gestures. It would be a really nice feature if it would come out-of-box. Now it takes a lot of time to set everything up and for some less technical users out there it might be an issue to even get it working. I suggest that this feature comes with some default presets similar to those on Windows 10, but also make it available for customization.

Thank You for your time, and keep up the good work. :smiley:

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Thank you, LaMbA3.
I understand you’re referring to touchpad gestures but I’d like to use this opportunity to also let you know about keyboard shortcuts, in case you aren’t already aware. Settings -> Devices -> Keyboard, where you can also customize the shortcuts.

Hi, If you have Tweaks (gnome-tweaks) installed, go to:

and search for Touchpad gestures - some of the extensions only work on Wayland so when you login, click the cog and select ‘Zorin on Wayland’