Fedora Linux Talk thread

What the size Fedora Distribution can gived you information? Light,Heavy,simple or hard,some type server?

Well, I did it too :smiley:

So far, I quite like the vanilal Gnome experience. I keep trying to reach down towards the dock menu to launch apps, but I think it'll be a matter of practice until I get more used to rely more on the keyboard shortcuts. I'll also try to install a few extensions to Gnome and customize it a bit (as much as it's allowed anyway) while I'm at it.


On data i will trying a cinnamon spin Fedora but first i must Discovery why i have black screen on monitor from cable HDMI>DP GPU. Maybe i missing something in bios on motherboard? I am also wondering if F37 support graphic GT 730?

I found information Linus Torvalds using Fedora 33

Remember to set up RPMfusion for extra stuff and multimedia codex.

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Yes, those were pretty much top of the list things to do. So far, I have no complaints :slight_smile:


@Storm you are expert with Fedora.
Spin Fedora that's means the original Fedora but with diffrent DE?

Apparently you can download these with whatever DE you want: Fedora Spins

I haven't tried them and I don't even know if they are official images so maybe test in a virtual machine first.

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Oh yeah, I remember seeing a KDE plasma version of Fedora.

I will trying news Fedora 37 workstation. Start to learning new things. Why? Corporation don't gived us a choice we have but for new things we need little a learning and like we know who liked a school and teachers when we was a children?
That why i want gived a shoot.
Like someone sayed if you never tried to taste then how you know if this is good or bad for your preferences. New version they propably changing some little things. Why Fedora changing a little things? Because they want to check if people liked that and this is better for simple user with not overfull settings options and don't know where to click. Don't worry still i have a place for Zorin in my heart and it is with me. I want just only trying a some date with Fedora.

"You never know until you try."

I don't know... This saying never seemed very apt, to me.

I can see how that may apply when trying to help a person believe in themselves.
Or to help a person give something a chance.

But there are a great many things that I do not need to try to know that I won't like it.
As an extreme, but reasonably forum safe example: I do not need to try being set on fire to know quite well that I won't like it.


I feel like Ubuntu and Fedora have a few things in common (such as having similar application launcher designs). Though, I might be wrong.

After trying out a few extensions and tweaks, all I really need are some minor adjustments to the default DE experience.

Gnome Tweaks:

  • Minimize button on the title bar.
  • Center new windows.

Gnome Extensions

  • Rounded Window Corners, for aesthetic consistency.

Everything else I've tried so far seems unnecessary or redundant.

EDIT: although not without their own issues... in this case toggling the rounded corner extension fixed it but not a good sign:

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@Storm Propably something for you with customization.

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