Fedora Linux Talk thread

Just received this on Gnome Software Center. To do or not to do is the question. A Backup of important files, better safe than sorry.

Always backups... and go forward! :smiley: Just in case I like to watch this type of videos first although they tend to be pretty much the same these days.

And you know what I might even join you... I have been putting this one off for far too long already

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Join the dark side, we have cookies :smiley:

/me backing up in the cloud to prepare the big upgrade.

Done and done. IT took 30 min to download and upgrade the system.

Alot of apps got ported to GTK4 including nautilus file-browsere. No more cool themes :frowning:

I may revert back to Zorin 16 as it's GTK3 only. You know I breath for theming...


Y'know, I have a CD-ROM of Fedora 36 lying around. I got it... actually I don't know exactly when I got it, I'm pretty sure it was before I joined this forum.

That's too bad... the theme looks awesome. I haven't been kept up to date about the GTK4 and why is hard to customize, but couldn't you port it there? That said, I myself like the default Gnome look and feel. At least on the latest versions, from what I've seen on videos reviews.

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GTK4 is non-themeable. -_-

A lot of people can and should.
The problem is... There are those that prefer a different look and feel.
What Gnome has been doing is locking in their widgets so that only Gnome themes will work.
In addition to systematically removing a large number of widgets so that other desktop environments can no longer use them. These widgets are the most distinctive feature for other desktops since they offer a competitive edge by offering something that Gnome doesn't. (e.g. Menubars.)

The problem is not that people do not like the look and feel of Gnome.
It is that Gnome will not allow people to not like the look and feel of Gnome.

Frankly, in this; Microsoft is more friendly than Gnome.

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Well that's really in unfortunate then... One of the reasons I moved away from Windows was precisely the lack of choice to use my computer however I wanted.

In this case this isn't a big issue for me as I'm talentless with graphics and design. But still it bothers me this attitude fundamentally :angry:

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I have installed Zorin 16 Pro. Though there's stuff I miss from Fedora, but at least I can theme again.


You do not need to be a graphic designer in order to appreciate and use other themes. Nor do you need to be one in order to use widgets - which no one can use if those widgets are removed.


Fedora is Red Hat Community so Red Hat/IBM will be pushing for conformity (Microsoft Clone as RH wants to be the Microsoft of Linux). At least with Windows you can (never tried it) run KDE on it! I think Gnome is pushing itself to extinction.


Sorry, I went back to Fedora again :P. Going to make a icon theme that match the libadwaita gtk4 theme thingy. At least Gnome-shell is themeable.


First time best test in vm. I saw people recommend F37 but when go to fedora forum i saw there many problems.

Cd from magazine linux maybe.

Then you are now on Zorin or Fedora37? @Storm

I'm on Fedora37 at the moment.

You got it.

@Storm Yes I want also kick Manjaro on one from hard disk and installing F37 - what DE you have or spin Fedora37?
Workstation or another version DE?

I can't answer that for you. It really depends which DE you like...