Feedback about Xbox One controller in Zorin OS

Just a quick piece of feedback about the Xbox One controller and Zorin OS 17 Pro. When I do a regular startup, the controller's light comes on and it's connected. (This is a wired USB controller, by the way.) Works great.

But when my PC suspends power, and I wake it up later, the power to the controller is gone. I have to disconnect and connect it in order for it to start working again. This doesn't happen with Windows. Please fix. Thanks. @staff

I install GitHub - medusalix/xone: Linux kernel driver for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S accessories and audio working greath with wired


I use xpadneo without any issues.

There are some things that are user specific that the user must setup on their own. A distro cannot be all encompassing without also including what would be seen as bloat.

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UPDATE: On a hunch, I ordered a Logitech F310 gamepad. It works 100% like how it should. It still retains all the functions it is supposed to have, even when power is suspended completely and the user has to return to a regular session. At that point, the buttons, the directional pad, etc., still work.

Not sure why this is so, but I suspect it has to do with the power flow with the PC's main board. Don't know. The F310 is permanently wired, whereas the Xbox One controller is wired, but detachable. In any case, I wanted to circle back here and provide an update in case if it helps someone else later.


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XBox is owned by Microsoft - so there may be some proprietary driver issues, as well.

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