Feedback for laptop battery health

So, I have being using Zorin OS Pro on my ASUS TUF FX504, When i was on Windows Asus Provide a Software "Asus Battery Health" it can control the charging of the battery by Capping it to 80% -60% So that battery get overcharged and give it long life and it's actually worked i have being using windows for 2.5yrs and my battery is still in Good health, battery backup almost as first day 3Hrs almost because now full of data and software and heavily used. And 3hrs not long but my laptop always stay on basically i can't live without my laptop and for that i always need plug the charger on. it's impact the battery life in long term.

So, my suggestion is Zorin provide a simple tool/setting so that battery can capped to 60% or 80% @zorink @AZorin

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My Win laptop has battery management app that maintains charge at 60% for max battery health whilst plugged-in and 100% if set max battery performance. I agree it is a useful tool.

PS. I edited your post as asus link was not displaying (i.e. was http instead of https)

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