Feedback from an email accusing me of skirting rules

When I signed up today, I got a rather disturbing email regarding my name, skinj0b, which I was asked to change after being firstly accused of using a zero instead of an "o" to skirt some type of forum word filter. It was as if I was being accused of being a pervert and my thread was locked.

First, I am a father of 5 daughters and one son, three granddaughters and one grandson and I feel rather insulted that the forum administrator would make such and unfounded accusation without at the very least doing a tad bit of research.

The Truth about my name?!

I have been a huge Blade Runner fan since the original movie came out. During the beginning of the movie, Deckard, who no longer works as a Blade Runner, is taken in to the Chief's office where the Chief explains to him that there are 4 skinjobs, ie; replicants, running around town.

No one is accusing you of something, it's the board A.I. that can be very strict sometimes. as it's a familiy friendly forum, it's sometimes too strict.


Thanks for the reply, the info is appreciated but this is why AI is no way to moderate. Just look at the garbage on Facebook.... o.O

To be fair, unless you've watched or are familiar with Blade Runner, that's not what comes to mind.

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We're using it as a helping tool and occasionally adjusting it. Most moderation is done manually.

Not sure what the other meaning would be... but:

Very first result:

Derogatory term for replicant or android used in the 1982 Ridley Scott movie "Blade Runner", starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", by Philip K. Dick.`

In fact, all of the first page results are related to that.

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I noted this action in the Moderator Forum under Moderator Action reports.

I was the one that messaged you and requested that you change your name.

I am glad that you quickly and easily understood our aim to be family friendly.
At no point did I ever make any accusations or use the words you describe.

Here is a copy of the total and exact message that I sent:

Moderator note:

While we all have a sense of humor, the forum guidelines adhere to a Family Friendly Policy.
Please take a moment to change your username to something that you feel fits you, but are comfortable being seen by other parents kids.
The use of the "0" demonstrates intentional skirting of the word filter.

I offer you my apologies as this being a Global and international forum, some cultural and linguistic things may not always be understood.
We often must address and handle user skirting the word filter to type blocked words.
And we have had members try to slip in with many questionable user names over time.

I can plainly see that you support your use of the username you have chosen and that it does not reflect anything we need to be too concerned about.

I never locked your thread. I did close the PM I sent you as it had been only a notification with the request to change your Username (Which is clarified and no longer necessary).

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