Feedback of Zorin Forum Members

This is not feedback on Zorin OS - but on the members of the forum.

I have noticed an uptick in activity as more and more members are stepping up to lend a helping hand. I will not name anyone, out of fear of missing a name or something. But we can all see it plainly and the many new or newish names that are helping out.
As well as oldtimer members increasing activity.

Multiple minds stewing over troubleshooting is much more efficient and effective. When one person doesn't think of a possibility, another does.
Multiple suggestions give much better chances of success.
And others help keep mistakes in check and posts accurate.

What a great thing.

Thanks to you all.


Total agree,
In problem solving i like to call it " Bumping Heads ", ( more than one idea/approach ) as one person can not know/remember everything !!
Mistakes: Yes we are human & i for one have made a few mistakes, & appreciate the advice/corrections, which helps me, in return in the future it helps others.

I also appreciate the backup/helping within the Topic's. :+1:

Keep up the good work Everyone :+1:


The strength of FOSS is that every user can be a contributor. Even small contributions can add up to great achievements. The growth of the community will bring a virtuous circle to Zorin OS.


I wish I could help out more, but many of the topics that I read asking for help are above my knowledge. I usually try to help out by giving broad tips about what could be wrong, in the hopes that I get it right or someone can correct me later. Because of this, I also try to not answer unless I'm somewhat familiar with the issue to not waste time with the back and forth, and potentially causing more frustration when not needed.

So thanks to everyone, I really learn a lot just by reading these threads :+1:


I see you post helpful tips often, so we must have different degrees on what the word "often" means.


I really appreciate all that every contributor does on the forum. Many of you provide helpful feedback and support for self- sufficiency.

We all are learning and helping and that is something that makes the Zorin community worth the time and effort. I hope to see everyone active for some time to come. You are an inspiration!


Some subject matter is specialised and above my "pay grade", but always worth a read, as you learn more by just reading and even questioning replies if something obvious has been missed.

I have also seen the level of members involvement and expertese increase of late, which strengthens the community supporting this excellent OS.

I am putting off updating from Z15.3, as I had sound and other issues updating from Z12.4 to Z15, which were not straightforward to resolve. So I plan to keep Z15 until Z17 comes along. I hope you all stick around to help me though that transition when it comes about :smiley:

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Propably people will be more active like a bears wake up from winter time and will waiting for Zorin 17.

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