Feeling with empty feeling and feeling worthless

I know that thread not related to the forum, but i need to job online , i feel with empty feeling and feeling worthless.
i want to do any jobs even if it is without fees.
I tried to spend time in learning(essential of programming), but i fell with upset ,it's need to time , i need to do something, any job. to feel with value and confident, i have not finished any track in learning to be prepare to apply job for it, I'm sorry for post thread like that not related to the forum, if that not allowed to post here, i will delete it, or the admins can remove it. but i think may be others here have faced that problem in their life, and i think may they solved it.

You can be a helper on the forum helping members troubleshoot issues... :grin:

While I do work (too much), I also enjoy theme and icon making in my spare time.
You might check into it as it is easy to do, time consuming and rewarding.
Learning .css as you go can increase your skill set.


When I read the title at first, I thought it was a spam post. :sweat_smile:

Troubleshoot peoples issues on the forums will be a great help or in our Facebook group: Redirecting...
I could use a little help in our Facebook group as I'm the only one actively maintaining it.


I am wondering if there is any inconvenience with Zorin OS in online jobs.

As aravisian and storm both pointed out, there are voluntary positions available to anyone who wants to assist. While several of us have been asking for some time, the Zorin Group has not hired any remote employees and your need will not change that.

Focus and complete what you began. Find motivation in the code and learning (i say this because I have done just that... finishing my second bootcamp... now understanding and coding javascript and Python). If you can't, it may not be the field for you.


no, i don't mean that, it's just public topic not meaning to zorin's job.
i just asked for experience in life which may other have been faced with this situation

i'm continuing in that, I can code with python and c#, i know the essential code of them.
and i'll continue in that, what i mean that need time to be able to involve job in it, i mean finishing the track.i mean jobs during the learning, that not mean giving up

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