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Hi. I've finally made the transition! I had been using Win7 as my OS for a long time - not perfect, but it didn't make me angry like Win10 did every time I had to use it. I had also played with ZorinOS on a separate partition, and liked it so much I named a corporation in my series of SF books (the Lost Solace books) after Zorin. I’ll give some context first.

I do a lot of work in Daz Studio, and my 2009 Win7 desktop was getting a bit long in the tooth. So I spent months researching new PCs, and eventually ordered one. It came last week, and after a raft of issues (one M2 SSD wasn’t showing up, the other was in the wrong slot, and at first the internal HDD was super slow and was randomly losing files – I got lucky and a full reformat seems to have left it working fine, but all these issues took days to diagnose and (hopefully) fix). Anyway, it’s been perfect for the last few days.

Setup: 500GB M2 SSD running Zorin OS. 250GB M2 SSD running Win10. 4TB HDD for my data. A boot menu defaults to Zorin, but I can choose Win10 for when I need to do 3D rendering, or to play some game that doesn’t work in Linux. Zorin is ext4; Win10 NTFS; and the Data drive is NTFS so both operating systems can see it and access files. So even if I am waiting for a file to render in Win10, I can do some other work.

I ordered two 2021 introductory books to Linux and have been reading a lot, so over time I should become much more knowledgeable, and my daily Zorin use has been mostly straightforward once I got email set up (though for some reason I can’t get Thunderbird to let me have a profile anywhere other than the default location – oh well, I’ll come back to that one day).

So the setup is similar to what I had before in Win7, when all my data was on the D:, and the Desktop, which is my work environment (since I can arrange the shortcuts to folders and files according to priority and project). Browser downloads go straight to my Desktop. So when I needed to back up/synchronise my data, I only had to do the D: and the desktop. In Windows I never used its special folders for anything, and used a hack to hide them all and just show my preferred folder shortcuts. For file shortcuts I often pinned them to the (pinned) program icon in my task bar.

For ZorinOS I am tweaking some of my procedures. For example, I can rename batches of files in Zorin, but it is a different procedure with extra steps. My muscle memory of Win+M to minimise to the desktop is taking a bit of retraining to get used to Win+D. That kind of thing. I can do what I need to, but just need to adapt slightly to other ways of doing things. I’ve already found answers to many questions, but have also kept a list of things I haven’t worked out yet. I thought I’d put them here (numbered) in case any have easy answers. Many of them are about basic UI things. Thanks!

1> File deletion notification.

I like a confirmation of some kind, because it is so easy to knock the Del key (or for the cat to do it). I noticed that if I delete from my Data drive Zorin gives me a prompt first; if from the Zorin SSD then it doesn’t give a prompt, but does give a popup with undo. That works too. HOWEVER! If I delete a file from the Desktop I get no warning and no notification. Since it is my major workspace, that is a potential issue. I set my preferences for notification, so is it a bug that Zorin doesn’t do that for the desktop? Expected behaviour should be that, if you set a preference, it applies globally, not changing based on which folder you delete from on the same drive.

Funny you should mention this... Crosslink.

I believe I can help you with a lot of what you are looking for. Scrollbar UI - I can help, no problem. Moving files, click and Drag, I think I can help you. I need to glean a better understanding of what you are looking to do. However, from what I read, it looks like you and I operate in similar ways. Others can hopefully chime in, too.

Yes, each issue should have its own separate thread. This helps keep everything neat and organized and helps users find solutions to specific problems.
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Finally... You said you write books.
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While I admire you sum up all your question in one posting, it is better to ask "one question at a time".

That way, you could attract an attention from volunteers who might know a solution. We are all users like yourself and no one has a solution for everything.


I may not be able to help you with everything, but i will try to share what i am able to.

Gnome, not zorin, is part of the reason you are having issues. It is the desktop environment giving you the look that you are happy with. The Zorin's have not taken the plunge into attempting any serious customization in this environment because of the constant changes by the gnome developers to each version, usually breaking themes if not more customizations (which they promised not to do but continue to regularly).

Unlike windows, there are alternative desktop environments (DE's) to choose from. You may want to research KDE, XFCE and Cinnamon. These are not all of them, but are the major supported DE's available.

I didn't care for nautilus, the file manager that came with gnome. I am currently in a situation that i must suffer gnome, so took to improving it by installing Nemo. Nemo is a file manager that acts more like windows and has more functionality. You may not be able to remove those directory shortcuts in the left panel of the file manager, but Nemo allows you to fold them out of site by a little down arrow next to each grouping. You can set Nemo as the default file manager and make it so nautilus will never interfere again.

Installs Nemo:

sudo apt install nemo 

Sets Nemo as the default file manager:

xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search 

The following two commands disable nautilus from handling any desktop interaction and enables Nemo to take its place:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false 

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons true 

The following tools are useful to adjust settings that you should have access to by gnome refuses to include in settings:

sudo apt install dconf-editor gnome-tweak-tool 

Finally, you will need to open the app menu (Z icon on the taskbar) and in the search box type startup applications. Add a new entry by clicking plus. For the name I used Nemo Desktop, description can be blank and the command should be the following:


This starts Nemo in its own process and allows it to run in the background.

I haven't explored all the capabilities of Nemo, but the little i have noticed is reminiscent of windows operations. You may find all your previous processes possible (in the file manager anyway) with Nemo. Let us know if this helps and restores some of that functionality.


This was exactly how I was going to address the Copy - Move issue. :wink:


To do this, first go to settings>keyboard shortcuts. Then change the shortcut key in 'Save a screenshot to pictures' in screenshot section to something else. Then add a new shortcut by scrolling down to the bottom and pressing the + button. Name the shortcut as you wish and the in the command box type gnome-screenshot --interactive and set the shortcut key as Prnt.


On mine; prtscrn key opens screenshot tool by default.

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I do not have that key on my anorexic Apple Magic Keyboard :sob:


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"Finally... You said you write books. I believe you."

If only my editors could see me now!
It's funny, in fiction it's all about cutting extraneous words (I often lose 25%-30% of my drafts by the final version) but tech stuff = verbose mode only for me ... sorry!

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Brill, many thanks! There was no command-type box or need to type anything for me - I just changed "Save a screenshot to pictures" (that used the Print key) to something else, then changed "Copy a screenshot to clipboard" to the Print key. That works fine now. Along the way I discovered Super + arrow L, R, U or D for quick rearrangement of windows. Brill!


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