File explorer crashing whenever I type in the search bar

I have no clue why this is even happening

now it just started working again??????????????????????? :confused:

now its not working again??????????

Try start nautilus from the terminal and see what's going on.

i got this message "Nautilus-Share-Message: 06:22:45.371: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: Failed to execute child process “net” (No such file or directory)"

I'm not sure about this error but it looks like it may be related to networking, probably trying to search in some remote drive that is not loaded or something. You can try to set this to search locally only. Open the file explorer, click on the hamburger menu (the three lines) -> Preferences -> Performance -> Search in Subfolders -> This Computer Only.

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its already set too that

Looking a bit into this, it seems that the component at fault is nautilus-share which is used for things like creating shared drives with other machines over the network. Do you have any shared drives at the moment, or have you set some before?

If no, and you're not planning on doing so, you can remove this package entirely (you can always install it back as needed). Open a terminal (search for "terminal" in the application menu) and run the following:

sudo apt remove nautilus-share

If yes, you may need to add an additional package for this to work properly, as per this thread:

I have a 2nd drive on my system
is that a shared drive?

No, a shared drive is just a regular folder that you are sharing with other computers on the same network. It appears as an additional drive, though, so it's called like that.