File manager does not open

I accidentally deleted a file and when I tried to restore it the app stop working. I restarted my computer many times already, and it stills not working.
What can I do?, also if is needed more information please make me know.
Thank you for reading

How did you delete the file and what was the location?
What file type was it?

It would normally seem that the easiest resolution would be to reinstall the program that is malfunctioning.

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Yep more than that...

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Please include when posting your system specs as this helps the Mods and others when assisting you in a resolution to your problem and what you were doing that caused you to delete. Program used at the time

System specs:

ZORIN OS (i.e. Core, Lite Pro)
Make of Computer

The file was in documents, the file was a folder and it just had images. How can I reinstall it?

I do not see any way that could stop the file manager from working under normal use.
Are you using Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite?

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After sometime it worked again but now, everytime I try to restart something, it crashes

Hello Erg, perhaps just like Aravisian mentioned, could you please tell which Zorin edition you're using - Core or Lite?

We can't figure out to which problem the file manager issue is related, but just opening and using a file/folder shouldn't cause it to crash. Is it the computer or the file manager which crashes?

Perhaps it's related to some other app. you recently installed or dependencies that have been removed, but if it's the standard file manager Zorin you are using, you can try to remove and then re-install it. Use the Application Store for this.

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And it could also be caused by a failing hard drive too. Whenever you open your file manager, indexing of files begins happening. Its a good idea to check the SMART drive data to check the condition of the drive.

You can check this from the DISKS utility in Zorin OS. You select your drive on the left, and then on the upper right side, you will see 3 dots in vertical formation, click that, and then click the one that says Smart Data & Self Tests

If it is indeed the case that your drive has bad sectors, or that your drive is quite old, and showing its age in the DATA results, its a sign that its time to replace your hard drive and start fresh. Of course, backing up your important data is recommended before going to those measures.

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