File manager is not opening in Zorin 16

When I'm trying to open the file manager (Home, Documents, Downloads etc..,) not opening. How to solve this problem.

What does running the following terminal command yield:

sudo apt install --reinstall nautilus

Not opening bro

From terminal:

killall nautilus


Relay any Error Messages the terminal prints out - and if Nautilus launches or not.

Last time I had an issue like this with Nautilus, a restart fixed it. The last time I had a problem with this in regards to Software Store, I had to kill it in Stacer, then I was able to launch the Software Store again.

This was caused because there was already an instance of Software Store running in the background that I had no access to, so that had to be killed, in order for me to start it up in any way that I could actually use.


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Also, try changing to a Different Icon set, then launching nautilus (Files) as a test.

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Thank you bro :+1:

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