File Shariing

For two days I have been trying to share a folder on Zoron 16. I tried this back in 2021 and I got to work finally but now I can not get it to see any of the computers in this building. We are all on the same Router, etc.
So I am dead in the water. I have gone a little over board downloading everything under the sun to get things to talk. I have a Linux Mint Machine and that is a breeze talking to My other machines. I am in a business where we have many different machines and OS's. Yes some even XP due to software on that machine for its proprietary use. I always like Zorin. The machine is an older HP Probook 6475b. I use it for a work laptop. I am trying to get access to an XP machine folder. I can not even see the Windows 10 machines or the Linux Mint unit. Any I ideas. I have even tried Gigolo with SMB. Nothing. I hate to USB things around the building.

What method have you been using on Mint? SMB... Samba?

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