File too large error?

Hi, first post. Thanks for being here.

Have downloaded the first of 3 iso images onto HD
When attempted to transfer zorin 64 bit from PC download folder to
brand new 14 gig USB stick,
window shows “File too large”

Specifically, From Win 7 with 10 upgrade Move to USB 14g
File too large for destination file.
Zorin -OS- 15.3 Ultimate 64 bit is too large for the Destination file
Size : 4.2GB

But the usb stick is 14G.

Why is 4.2 G too large to move to a blank 14 G usb stick


Likely because the format is FAT 32 which has a 4 GB limit.

This may give you some explanation of file limits of fat32, exfat and NTFS.

File limits, fat32, exist and NTFS

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t understand of this FAT at a glance, but do see it’s about formatting.

How do I get the 4gig download off my windows pc to the 14gig usb ?

Is there a step by step instruction page from download to install ?


You will need to burn the Zorin OS .iso file instead of copying it to the USB drive in order to create a bootable Installation Drive. You can learn how to do this by following the instructions in our step-by-step installation guide here:

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to achieve.
If you are trying to write the ISO to a USB stick to install and need to write numerous Linux ISOs I use YUMI Multiboot. It allow you to write multiple ISOs to USB, not just Linux.

YUMI Multiboot

Thanks, got it to usb by formatting another option.
Thanks to camar and jgordon, that was the clue / hint ahaa moment.

Azorin, makes sense.