Files and folders from Zorin OS Core .iso

Someone reminds which files and folders are about the Zorin OS .iso file? I want to move them all to the folder Zorin OS Core so that I'll finally see if I can try that Drauger OS.

This cannot be determined from your one screenshot. /boot, /casper, /dists, /efi, /pool all can be used either by the shown Zorin OS or the Drauger OS.

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I didn't specify because I know that most of them are Zorin OS Core files and folders, I never extracted Drauger OS there. Of course I excluded the 2 .exes, the .isos, autorun.inf and DC Comics.ico that are other stuff, I wasn't sure about the other 3 files.

Which three?

The SystemVolumeInformation folder is not Zorin OS.
The Asus folder is not Zorin OS.

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The other 3 files I wasn't sure were 1001PX-ASUS-1201.ROM, md5sum.txt and README.diskdefines.

I don't know either, don't remember at all :thinking:.

Now I remember, Asus was a backup :sweat_smile:.

@Luca_Pavan , does this thread have a solution?

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Yes, I moved those below on the folder Zorin OS Core.

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