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Is there a filepath input like MacOS or Windows ?

Like an actual bar in Nautilus for me to type /home/.local or my option only to use Alt+F2 then write nautilus /home/.local

any workarounds?

By pressing Ctrl + L you will get a bar to enter locations in nautilus.


This is it. I was looking for this. Thank you.


Jeslin...yes, a quick one, nice to see you back. Did everything to ok with the exams?

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My exams did not even begin lol . It will begin tomorrow. I have spent more time on the forum today, because I have an exam for an easy subject tomorrow and I'm almost done with the preparations. Thanks for asking :smiley:.


Nice to hear that you confident enough and instead spending time here on the forum.


I wish you all luck with your exams :sunglasses:


OR... Knowledge and skill, if no luck. :wink:


All the questions in my all of my exams are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). So it is easy if the candidate has read the text book (which I obviously did not properly do :sweat_smile:) or you should have some serious luck. What I have trouble with is the Case based questions and the Assertion and Reason ones. I did not feel like the exam was too hard, after the exams I checked my answers and from that I found out that I would most probably get somewhere around 22/25. But things could change and I could get something like 18/25.


The joys of college always wished I could have been a permanent student

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