Find compatible hardware upgrade by hw-probe

Now there is a possibility to find compatible hardware parts for a computer with the help of Ubuntu – Details of package hw-probe in focal

No need to learn specifications anymore to perform successful upgrade — just create a probe of the computer and follow new "Find compatible parts for upgrade" link on the probe page to find out what parts are installed by other users of the same computer model or motherboard.

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Can you show an example output etc?

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I really like this concept: Quickly checking hw compatability. However, I admit it bothers me that the information (my machine specs and data) are being gathered and then uploaded on a website.

It also listed my Hard Drive as "Malfunction". This concerned me, so I clicked the link. It gave Zero Information on my drive to indicate a Malfunction and my drive has passed rigorous testing that I have given it.
It listed the "malfunctions" as malfunctions that other people experienced on other computers on other distros. This is very misleading.

I found nowhere in this any real, relevant or actual information that specifically helps me to determine compatible hardware for my computer that I could not have found through proper research without exposing my machines guts onto the web.

I installed it on the test rig and am removing it from the test rig. I am also taking my "like" back, sorry.

Edit: In fact, the more I look this website over, the more it looks like phishing and Data mining.

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