Finding solution on download manager for Linux

Recently I've tried to use XDM, FDM, and Uget for download manager. But none of them are working. Someone plz give a solution for this problem... !

Screenshot from 2021-09-11 15-10-20

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I personally could not provide you a solution, unless the solution is to simply not use download managers. Why you ask? I got two reasons for you...

(1) Download managers often can install malware on your computer without you knowing about it.

(2) Download managers often cause corruption of files. Case in point, Zorin recommends against downloading Zorin OS via a download manager for that very reason.


If you use the included firefox browser it already has a reliable download manager included, that won't corrupt your download files. It also allows you to reopen where you left off (reopen the same tabs you had open), if that is important to you. I use it regularly so i don't have to sign into my school websites constantly. And it's set that way in zorin and windows so i can use either to learn.


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