Finding the location of GIMP on hard drive

Hello, Zorin users!
I need a bit of help with GIMP. I am learning to use GIMP as Photoshop replacement now (I had never used either on Zorin before). To use new brushes in GIMP, I need to put abr extension files to the same folder where GIMP programme files are located. But I do not understand how to find the location of GIMP in Zorin Lite. If I press info it doesn't show the location. Could someone with experience of adding new brushes to GIMP on Zorin Lite help me out? I would be very grateful.


I am not sure, but I guess you have to navigate to /user/.config/GIMP/2.10/brushes
and put your brushes there to detects by GIMP.
By the way, .config folder is hidden

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Thank you! Do you know how to make .config folder not hidden?

I managed to do add them. Thank you for your help! Really appreciate


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