Fingerprint login not showing in settings

I'm Using Zorin Os 16 Core On My Lenovo Thikpad L430 With ID 147e:1002 Upek Biometric Touchchip/Touchstrip Fingerprint Sensor
When I Go To Users In Settings I Cant See Fingerprint login there instead i have fingerprint scanner on laptop
I tried sudo apt install libpam-fprintd
but it also didn't help

When you open Settings from the zorin Application menu, then navigate from the left pane (hit the back button on the upper left if the Settings window stayed in another tab during previous use) to Users, You should see Authentication & Login dialog.
Does this dialog show an option for Fingerprint Login?

No Its Not Showing

I did a search for supported hardware and:

Do You Mean Finger Print Login Will Not Work On My Laptop

Sadly, it looks so.
There are no drivers currently available on Linux for that device.

okay thanks for the help

More double-checking:

The driver software for the device is Closed-Source non-free or Proprietary software.
This makes it difficult to port to Linux, which is Open Source.

Thank You For The Help Now I Understand Why This Fingerprint Reader Was Working On Windows But Not On Linux

In the future, if you'd like an easier way to see if software is already installed, or wish to install or remove software, Synaptic Package Manager is the way to go.

sudo apt install synaptic

As you can see, it is already installed on my system. I am sorry to hear that there are no drivers available to drive the FingerPrint reader device in your machine. But as it is with everything in Linux, give it some time, and a driver will appear in one of the next kernels.


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