FireFox background

I have tried to change the background in FF, but I made a mistake somewhere. I have followed this guide

what am I doing wrong

Where is the background .png image located? Your url in your .css script is pointing to it as being located in the same directory as your .css script is located in. If the .png image is not located in that directory, please paste a copy of it within that directory and refresh FireFox to test it.

first I made a folder "chrome" and inside chrome I made a new folder "img" and a file "userContent.css" in the img folder I copied my image

I suspect you need to specify the path to the "img" directory:

-background: #f9a no-repeat url(okseblodrød.png) center;
+background: #f9a no-repeat url(img/okseblodrød.png) center;

and then it looks like this

tried another picture and then the background turned pink

solved.... removed img folder and saved image along with css fiel

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That is in the .css code you used:

background: #f9a

Hex color #f9a (#FF99AA) is a Pink looking color...

Did you know that Firefox allows users to create their own themes including adding custom backgrounds via GUI?

No, I am completely ignorant when it comes to linux and firefox and computers, so I apologize

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Same for me about Linux, I came to this OS knowing the wonderful nothing about it :rofl: and learn by trying and from help on the forum here. About the Firefox theme creation, it's Firefox Color, available on Settings > Extensions & Themes > Themes > scroll till page bottom > click Build your own theme with Firefox Color.

Yes, it was easy, :grinning: but how do you save it? you can save the theme but do not see how to save the background image

I'm not sure either, for me the basic themes are enough so I never tried it deeper, but I also read that to experience the full preview you have to install its own extension. There's a save button on page header but once saved you can't apply the theme, I think you need to install the extension.

yes ok, I'll stick with what I have now

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