Firefox becomes unresponsive after closing and reopening laptop lid

I switched to zorin OS on my main laptop a few months ago, and everything had been perfect, up until these past few weeks. Every time I have firefox open and close my laptop lid, when I reopen it, firefox remains unresponsive until I am prompted to force quit. I have tried reinstalling firefox, and although I probably could just switch to a different browser, I would prefer not to. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Firefox is the only application that becomes unresponsive like this after sleep/wake, everything else works just fine.

Do you have a amd or nvidia card ?

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Yes, I guessing the OP has a discreet GPU, and requires their driver installed for it.

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

sudo apt install screenfetch

Press Y when prompt. Once installed, type screenfetch

Take a screen of the results, post the screenshot here. Thanks!


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^The results
I think you're right about it being a GPU issue. I had been having driver-related issues for the longest time when connecting my laptop to multiple monitors, so it's entirely possible I'm just messing something up here.

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Thank you!

Agreed! You have an Nvidia GTX 1660.

Click Zorin :zorin: icon, type Additional Drivers. Click on that

Switch to the driver that you see here...

Make sure your choose just PROPRIETARY, not Tested! The install will take time, its not quick, the Nvidia driver is a big download. Once its finished installing, you must restart.

Once restarted, it would be a good idea to install the Nvidia Prime Indicator extensions, it will install in your taskbar, and you will find it really useful I think. Make sure you install the browser integration first, you will see a notice on the page if you haven't already.

Click the toggle button to install, a popup will ask you to confirm, by all means confirm. Your extension is now installed and ready to go.


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