Firefox Default Printer Options

Hi to all,

I have installed 1 printer and set some default printing parameters:

  • Printing in Black & White
  • Print Both Faces (flip on long edge)
  • A4 Format

However Firefox seems not taken them and seems to have their own:

  • Have a weird standard default (it took me 2h to realize that if was the firefox settings that made me printing in small letter format and not in A4)
  • Everytime I print, Firefox overwrite the Firefox default options. So if I print 1 page in Color, then Color would be for the default for the next printing

I would like Firefox to always take the printer default options (which I set with admin rights) or that I can set a fix Firefox default options (which can be set only with admin rights)

I try to change in about:config


to false

but unfortunately it did not work. Any other Ideas?

Thanks in advance,

This behavior in Firefox is the same in Linux as it is in Windows, that's because Firefox only gives the most basics of printer options to try and work across all systems.

When you click print in Firefox, click on "Print using the system" it's at the bottom and your system printing settings will open.

A simple google search gave me this if clicking on the the above is too time consuming.

hi @DeanG

Thanks a lot for your input.
I also encounter this workaround, unfortunately it does not work anymore :sob: :

BUT recently the things changed. With the release of latest Firefox 97 version, Mozilla silently removed the “print.tab_modal.enabled” preference/flag from Firefox. The newer versions of Firefox don’t come with this preference. If you search for this preference in about:config page, you’ll not find the preference.
Mozilla team has removed the preference and its functionality from the program code. Even if you manually create the preference, it doesn’t work.

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Well I followed a link within that article and it gave me this

Hi @DeanG,

Thanks for the input, but I already bump into this option and for me unfortunately it is unpractical.
Basically the "solution" would be to disable any option screen and forces Firefox to print just using the system default parameters. This is for me of course unpractical, because sometimes the user wants to print in color (which this "solution" prevents), but I would like that the default is and still be in B/W.

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