Firefox Enterprise Policies

Hi! I just upgraded from Zorin 16 Core to Zorin 17 Pro, and I told me it would uninstall Firefox amongs some other packages which I found odd, but okay, I went through with the update. Now I got a new Firefox on Zorin Pro, it told me it is managed by an organisation and I have Enterprise Policies? Should this happen? I'm a home user and I do not have so much experience with Linux.


Hi, Strange behaviour indeed! Ubuntu on which Zorin is based no longer offers an 'apt' version of Firefox, and Team Zorin has to use a flatpak version. I would backup any favourites you have marked and do a manual install. I prefer Firefox ESR. Watch my video here (4 minutes in):

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What a shame, I like apt; I will install manually. Thank you!

You can do the same with Firefox non-ESR. I have always pushed Team Zorin to adopt the ESR version because Education establishments can't lockdown Firefox, but they can with Firefox ESR.

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