Firefox is trying to Kill me... (Spelling Suggestions are not in English)

I have actually tried searching this issue. I have failed.

My Firefox is giving word spelling corrections in British English instead of American English. Is it because Firefox came pre-installed with Zorin (made with wuv in Ireland)?
It's actually getting to the point that it is making me question my spelling on words I know how to spell. It's starting to drive me

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Meanwhile I got bothered by American spelling in some of the software.

Canadians speaks like Americans but spells like British :wink:

Isn't there an US spelling extension?

Yes, there is.
But not as an extension.

Just right click on any word you are typing and
Language -> Additional dictionary

(wording might be different since I am using Firefox in Japanese).

Yes... I have done that with some but... there are a lot of words.

Sorry, you lost me.
I was talking about installation of US English spellchecker.
Not a spell checking of each words.

While the image of the cat clock was cute, I notice your new avatar matches your name perfectly now! FrenchPress, who views English words, in Japanese. Just shows your awesome lol.

I got to be honest, I find this post absolutely hilarious, poor Aravisian! Gotta love these types of first world problems. When an internet browser makes you question your sanity, you know your off the deep end.


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I found that @Aravisian did not know what French press is. So I decided to become an evangelist of Cafetière à piston to spread a Gospel of this environmentally friendly way to make a coffee :coffee:


< Dr. Pepper Drinker...

Not sure what you mean here...
From the hamburger icon, I selected Settings, then Language & appearance Then Language. It is set to English (United States).

  1. Start typing in any input box.
  2. Select and right crick any word you typed in this box.
  3. In the drop down list, select the spell checker you wish to use.

Unfortunately I could not take a screen shot of right click drop down list.

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I never knew that was there...

Got it.


Don't feel bad Aravisian, I didn't know that was there either. I think the issue is were not caffeinated enough, were operating bellow optimal standards. French Press, I'll order two cups of French Pressed coffee, one for me, and one for Aravisian please. :coffee:

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:coffee: :coffee: + :doughnut: :doughnut:

Would you like cream and sugar with it?


Yes please. Oh my gosh you spoil us with pretty donuts too. :relaxed: I humbly thank you for your generosity.

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