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Hello folks, how y'all doing?
I used Firefox for a while in Windows, but then I exchanged it for Brave and now I'm thinking of switching back to Firefox. I remember that the keyboard shortcuts for Firefox were all based on the Ctrl key, like Ctrl+w, Ctrl+n, Ctrl+1 and so forth. I'm used to this workflow, since it's the same as in chromium based Browsers. On the Firefox site, the keyboard shortcuts are given as I said, based on Ctrl, but when using Firefox on Zorin (the version that comes preinstalled) the shortcuts are based on the alt key. I know that this is a minor problem and with some time I'd get used to it, but I'd rather have the workflow just as I am used to since a long time ago. Does Zorin makes changes on the keyboard shortcuts configurations or am I just dumb enough to be missing some configuration in the browser that could help me?
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As I understand it, these are set by Mozilla.

They may set different shortcuts for Firefox between Window and Linux. ZorinGroup does not change the FireFox shortcuts in Zorin OS.

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