Firefox not restoring previous session after updates

I don't know, if that is a Zorin issue or firefox only, but the last two updates deleted all my tabs in firefox from previous session. One update changed the settings in firefox where it wouldn't restore tabs and it also deleted cookies. It also changed the new tab setting in firefox to the zorin startpage. The next update didn't change those settings, but still deleted my old tabs. That is really annoying, since I don't want to spend an hour finding all the pages again that I wanted to continue working on.
Did anybody experience something similar?

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This sounds like a Firefox issue. As a general rule, if you have multiple tabs that you want to continuously work on, it's better to save them as bookmarks to quickly restore them as updates can mess with your profile files from time to time.

Checkout this support thread and see if it helps, it has some suggestions on how to restore your sessions. Note that the first reply mentions that your profile is located at %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles which is a Window path. In Linux, the equivalent path to your profiles is: /home/<your_username>/.mozilla/firefox.
You can type that into a terminal or alternatively type that in the address bar from the file explorer, by pressing Ctrl + L first.


I have only ever experienced this on Firefox and not ever on any other browser. On the Chrome or Chromium based browsers, clicking history - restore tabs works after every update.

While this is anecdotal and not any kind of confirmation - I agree with @zenzen 's suspicion that this is a FireFox issue.

I have been using Firefox for 20 years or more. I had never experienced this. I was very surprised.

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Thank you, I'll check that out.

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What I don't like of the Firefox local version (preinstalled) is that after each update Italian language isn't loaded, it will only after some sessions, not sure of the logical pattern, but surely it's annoying.

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