Firefox odd window top bar min/max/x buttons



Complete noob on Linux and Zorin OS here, please talk to me about Linux as you would talk to a child.

Love the look of Zorin OS - superslick. One thing bothers me a lot though, and that is that Firefox has misaligned top right buttons, please see attached screenshot. So far I've only seen this in Firefox but maybe it is in other applications too, I don't know. It might even be that the whole top window "container" has a shifted horizontal position.

Any way to fix this?

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Edit: If you swap the Titlebar Buttons from Right to Left in Zorin Appearance the problem is mirrored.

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to be honest, I don't see any wrong things on Your Picture. Do You mean the Style of the min/max/close Buttons? That is the default Zorin Design.


Look here, this is what it's supposed to look like, this is from the OS settings in Zorin:


So, it annoy's You that it sits on Firefox tighter and more at the Edge of the Window? I have that too. But that seems to be more a Thing of Firefox I guess.

Contact Mozilla who makes the browser and coding to look and function that way. Zorin makes the overall operating system by taking the work of Ubuntu and GNOME to give it a certain look and feel. Best of luck.

@online Everyone has that. Its a bug with firefox on linux. Follow @C141ZorinOS 's advice.

Thank you for your replies.

So you're saying this has been a thing with Firefox on Linux for ages?

I don't know if this works on Flatpak (since Zorin OS 17, Firefox comes install as Flatpak package) but this can be easily fixed with a custom userChrome.css:

Adjust the padding as needed.

Thank you.

I've been searching around for guides on how to use userChrome.css after encountering this annoying visual bug. Unfortunately they all seem to have some other setup. I also can't reach a folder that Firefox supposedly use, and is needed to correctly implement a userChrome.css as I understand it.

For example if I click the Open Directory button to get to the profile folder

it won't open in the Files application, and I can't find it through navigating there in the Files application.

In your screenshot you have /.mozilla/firefox/[...]-release, while my folder ends at [...].default. I don't know if this is an issue.

By the way I also installed Firefox Nightly earlier to see if that application had the same problem, which it does, but I hope that hasn't messed up my install of regular Firefox. Regular Firefox seems to be untouched when I use the application.

Here is what I tried now as you suggested:

I restarted Firefox but it doesn't seem to have kicked in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I suspect it's because of the Flatpak thing I mentioned, as I can't get it to work on Zorin OS either (my previous screenshot is from Debian 12). I suggest you uninstall Firefox flatpak, and replace it with the .deb version:

Make sure to also set the option "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets" to true in about:config (enter this in the address bar).


I already enabled that to 'true' earlier.

If you are using the Flatpak version of Firefox (this is the default in Zorin OS 17) it won't work. I'm sure there's a way to get it to work, but I'm not sure how. I'd recommend re-installing following the instructions from the link I shared above, using the native package format.

EDIT: An anonymous source has come forward to suggest enabling the "Title bar" option under Settings -> Customize Toolbar, would would force Firefox to use the system default titlebar. It looks like it makes some difference:

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I will try reinstalling per your post. I also enabled Title bar earlier. It may seem like a nit-pick problem but this really bothers me because it makes the whole OS feel amateurish even though it is Mozilla's fault. :melting_face:

This anonymous Source seems to be right. I made that too and the Buttons are whider arranged. They are not so close at the Edge of the Window and between them is a little bit more Space, too.


Thank you so much - installing it from the Terminal like you suggested did the trick, it allowed me to add an userChrome.css! 5px was perfect.

Now my eyes can get some rest again. :grinning: