Firefox profile/bookmarks backup folder location?

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I can't log into Zorin so I decided to reinstall it. I would like to save my bookmarks in Firefox without booting up Zorin and using Firefox.
I can access the Zorin SSD using Diskinternals Linux Reader software on Windows so I could save the profile data/bookmarks files from the SSD. (I have saved the bookmarks to a .json file, but this is an old backup, I'd loose a lot of new bookmarks if I relied on that file).

Is there a folder in Zorin OS where the browser bookmarks and Firefox profile data is stored, so that I could copy the data and later paste into the folder after reinstalling Zorin OS?

Have a look at this: Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles | Firefox Help

...but that assumes you can run Firefox to open "Help" menu.

the path to profile in my case is:

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Your Firefox profile are saved at ${HOME}/.mozilla/firefox, each profile being its own directory following the <profile-name>.xxxxxx naming convention is the one you want to save. Do note that it may not work across platforms if you copy and paste it as is, so you'd have to restore from ZorinOS or other Linux distributions as it will likely not load properly on Windows.


You can find bookmarks and other data inside these directories but it's probably easier and safer to just copy them entirely, and later restore them as they are. Or, if you prefer, have them and take what you want from them later.

Backup from Bookmarks Window:

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